The Best and Most Demand Tech Skills for 2021

Are you into tech or do you have an interest in learning tech skills? If yes then here are some of the best and the most demanding tech skills in the year 2021 and will also be for other years as they are all skills that will be required for the development and some new … Read more

Three Messaging Technology That Is Shaping How We Communicate

2020 made a huge difference for many individuals. The pandemic constrained individuals around the globe to change the way they live and work and spending time together. We went from having the option to go out to see a film, show, or appreciate supper with companions to expecting to remain genuinely far off. Human connection … Read more

Artificial Intelligence vital Technology for thriving societies

Islamabad:Center for Global and Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad and Hans Seidel Foundation (HSF) Pakistan mutually coordinated a meeting on the subject of ‘Mechanical Transformation in Pakistan: An Asset or Liability?’ at Margala Hotel, here, says a public statement. The conversation started with the introductory statements by Ashfaq Ahmed Gondal, previous government secretary Information and Broadcasting … Read more

Here’s Why Logistics And Supply Chains Are Ripe For Technology Disruption

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What Kind Of Old Technology Do You Think Is Still Cool?

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