Burger Kings Jobs in Canada

About Company


The American Restaurant Franchise Burger King was founded in 1954 by James W. McLemore and David Edgerton in Miami. Currently, Burger King is the second-largest Restaurant chain for fast-food hamburgers in the world.

Burger King is an American restaurant franchise, that has outlets all over the world. Every day, more than 10 million people visit their nearest Burger Kings outlets around the world because the company believes that their customers love them the most and think of them as a high-quality restaurant with great-tasting and affordable food.


There are multiple approaches candidates can take to bring it to Burger King Restaurant. We have multiple job vacancies from team members to restaurant managers. Keep reading this if you are searching for jobs at Burger Kings, which will be of multiple categories.

Company Short Details:

Name: Burger King Canada

Location: Multiple Outlets.

Type: Fast Food.



 Vacancy 1: Team member  

Job Detail

While working remotely with the Restaurant Managers, other Team Members, and other colleagues to maintain operational and healthy standards and procedures, Team Members are responsible for offering great service to clients. This role works under the direction of the General Manager, Assistant Managers, and Shift Coordinators, and has direct contact with guests and members of the field activities group.

Responsibilities And Duties :

  1. While collecting requests and arranging installments, the employee should greet visitors cheerfully
  2. Prepare and package food and drink items
  3. Must keep the entire restaurant clean and tidy, including the lounge, bathrooms, and outdoor areas
  4. Maintains workplace health and safety standards
  5. Depending on the situation, load and unload inventory items
  6. Attendance for assigned shifts should be consistent and prompt
  7. The Burger King uniform and preparation rules and methods should be followed on a regular basis
  8. Maintains workplace health and safety requirements

Qualifications And Skills:

  • Should be 16 years or above in age
  • Must sustain working in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to interact in a positive and professional manner with guests and coworkers
  • Willingness to learn all areas of restaurant operations & work multiple stations
  • Available to work evenings, weekends, and holiday

      Vacancy No 2: Hourly shift coordinator

  Job Overview 

The duty of the Hourly Shift Coordinator (HSC) is to support the general manager of the restaurant and the assistant manager to manage the operation in shifts assigned to them. Getting key performance and better outcomes related to sales, profit reports, people, and guest service. Restaurant GM manages the HSC and is working for RGM and HSC manages team members.

Responsibilities And Duties :

  • Follows all money control and security techniques (for example safe checking, cash drawers)
  • Keeps up stock/inventory by performing Daily and Weekly stock assessments
  • Gets stock truck orders
  • Inspires and guides Team Members to surpass visitor assumptions with precise, quick, and cordial help in clean environmental factors
  • Gives instruction and input to Team Members to build the eatery group’s abilities and raise café execution
  • Sets a model for Team Members by working hard to execute shift plans and drive operational outcomes
  • Coordinates proficient and precise readiness and offer of items for brief conveyance inside set up speed of administration rules
  • Propels Team Members during a shift on every one of the workstations
  • Audits eatery results to recognize victories and regions for development
  • Guarantees that the café maintains operational and brand guidelines

Note: HSC should be able to work as a team member and fulfill the job’s duty if required.

Qualifications And Skills:

  • Should be of age 18 or above.
  • GED certificate or High School Diploma Certificate Required.
  • Must have at least 2 years of experience working for fast-food restaurants.
  • Guest service should be mastered and implemented carefully
  • Should be flexible to work for different shift times If required
  • Must be okay to work long shifts or irregular shifts if required.

                                                   Vacancy No 3: Assistant manager

Position Overview

The Assistant Manager also known as AM is the leader of all the operations in the restaurant which is mainly focused on customers, guests, people, profit, staffing, operation management, and wellness of the restaurant. The Assistant Manager (AM) and (RGM) The restaurant general Manager support each other in managing various operations of the restaurant and getting maximum profit and performance. AM works under RGM and is responsible to manage HSC and Team members, which should be around 20-50 Members.

Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Should be able to oversee stock expenses and keep up stock by performing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly stock assessments
  • Should be able to get all the details about loading and unloading truck orders request
  • Keeps up and consistently monitors each and every type of restaurant’s assets and belongings.
  • Should be able to check and ensure all the preventive maintenance of facilities within the restaurant and equipment around it is completely following all the company standards and protocols and communicate with vendors of another area as required
  • Guarantees that Restaurant follows all money control and security strategies (for example safe tallying, cash drawers)
  • Inspires and guides colleagues/ team members to surpass Customer’s expectations with our fast services along with a friendly environment and clean environment
  • Gives training and feedback to Shifts Coordinators and Team Members to build the restaurant group’s capacities and raise the performance of the restaurant
  • Coordinates restaurant group toward effective and exact arrangement and offer of all the items in short time with all the guidelines followed
  • Should be able to Guarantee that restaurant has been maintaining all the necessary operational and brand guidelines

Skills And Qualifications:

    • Should be of age 18 or above.
    • GED certificate or High School Diploma Certificate Required.
    • Must have at least 2 years of experience working for fast-food restaurants, management-related experience preferred.
    • Must have Some knowledge about P&L interpretation and management for good outcomes in profit.
    • Must be able to Demonstrate good and quality leadership skills
    • Should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of Customer service principles
    • If needed Employee should be Available to work even on evenings, weekends, or holidays
    • Must be okay to work long shifts or irregular shifts if required.