Agricultural Product Marketing Manager W/M



As our Product Marketing Manager, you will be the product evangelist and will play a key role in organizing product launches. You know our product, market, client base, areas of differentiation, and value proposition inside and out. You are familiar with our competitors’ current activities and future plans. You’re also familiar with our customers and how they make purchasing decisions. Use market information to back up your strategic ideas, and then use that knowledge to generate positioning and messaging that resonates with farmers and helps our sales channels succeed.

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About the Job

  • You must know the agricultural sector or be an agronomic engineer
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in product marketing or in a similar job called differently
  • You are proactive and have very good interpersonal skills
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and are not afraid to take risks with unfamiliar subjects
  • Your French & English are both fluent

What We Value

  • Personal responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Scientific approach:
  • Team spirit
  • Customer-centricity

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Company Missions

Value proposition & messaging:

  • Build key messages that resonate with our markets, drive acquisition, and encourage feature adoption and retention.
  • Help the Marketing team build a better value proposition and message that sets Sencrop apart from the competition.

Marketing launch:

  • Work closely with the product team and plan the timeline and execute the organization for new feature releases.
  • Build the briefing so the Marketing team can create the related campaigns and validate marketing assets (emails, landing pages, website updates, blog posts, videos, PR…).


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